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Attractions, Food & Bars - Plan your time out on Sydney Harbour

Coxy's tour of Sydney Harbour aboard H2O Maxi Taxis

Sydney Harbour has a string of incredible attractions scattered along its shores. Whether natural or man-made, ancient or modern, the Harbour has something for everyone and some incredible stories too!

At H2O we have identified some of our favourite attractions. When you choose your departure and arrival points our quote system will show you some key attractions along the way. If you would like to go at a slower pace and hear about these, choose some extra cruise time. If you are not sure how much cruise time to add, give us a call and we would be happy to advise you, but as a guide double the time of your trip, means you go at half the speed (which is about right for hearing about the sights)....

Listed below are some of the more significant and popular attractions that we think are worth spending time hearing about, exploring or investigating. You may have your own, call us, or speak to your skipper to find out more about your personal favourites.

We have designed maps for both attractions and bars/dining around the harbour. If you are looking to plan your own personal cruise, use these to see what's around and please feel free to call us on free call 1300 420 829 to discuss your ideas. It's all part of our value for money service!

Featured Attractions

AB Banjo Paterson Cottage

AB 'Banjo' Paterson's childhood home and the sight of the first punt across the Harbour in 1832 [more>]

Clark Island - Aboriginal Name Billong-ololah

Clark Island is part of Sydney Harbour National Park and is great for private functions, or just visiting for a relaxing time or picnic. [more>]

Cockatoo Island - Aboriginal Name Wa-rea-mah

The largest of the Harbour's islands, it has a fascinating and varied history and is worth exploring [more>]

Darling Harbour - Cockle Bay

Soak up the atmosphere of this harbourside heart beat. There is something for everyone: shopping, eating and plenty of leisure activities [more>]

Fort Denison - Aboriginal Name Mat-te-wan-ye

Fort Denison is an Historic Fort with spectacular views. there is a restaurant for meals and refreshments. [more>]

Goat Island - Aboriginal Name Me-Mel

Goat Island is an historic convict worksite with a fascinating history [more>]

Grotto Point

Spectacular views of part of Sydney Harbour National Park with a lighthouse. Also the sight of Aboriginal rock carvings. [more>]

Luna Park

Luna Park is Sydney's most Iconic attraction set in the shadow of the harbour bridge. [more>]

Manly Beach

Sydney's most spectacular beach and a great place to go surfing [more>]

Quarantine Beach

Quarantine Beach is somewhere to relax but also has a fascinating history. [more>]

Rodd Island

A great place to relax or have an event. Also has a fascinating history. [more>]

Royal Botanic Gardens

Explore this huge area with fascinating plants and don't miss the resident fruit bats! [more>]

Shark Island - Aboriginal Name Bo-a-millie

One of Sydney's gems, with a beach and plenty of space to relax. [more>]

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney's iconic "coathanger" is an amazing engineering feat with a fascinating history and great photo opportunities [more>]

Sydney Opera House

This World Heritage Listed architectural wonder offers amazing photo opportunities and some stories [more>]

Taronga Zoo

The zoo with the best view in the world! As well as having a diverse range of Australian and international animals. [more>]

The Rocks

The oldest part of Sydney has great shopping, pubs, restaurants and history. [more>]