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Terms and Conditions

  • Please read carefully to ensure a smooth ride in Sydney Harbour.
  • The Conditions of the agreement between H2O Maxi Taxis or any of its partners and sub-contractors and the passenger and purchaser of services are set out below. In providing your credit card details to secure your booking you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions - please read these carefully:
  • 1. PAYMENT
    (a) Credit card details are required to secure every booking regardless of the mode of payment. Cash may be paid on board.
    (b) No surcharge for Visa, MasterCard or AMEX.
    (c) H2O Maxi Taxis reserves the right to charge the credit card with any fees due that have not been paid on board including cancellation fees, waiting fees (refer below), dishonour fees (refer below), additional passengers, cleaning fees and all and any variations to the journey as requested by the passenger. Where variations are agreed to by your skipper additional fees will apply at our published rates and without warning by your skipper.
    (d) Island Events - 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.
    (e) 25% non-refundable deposit may be required for multiple boats or bookings of over 30 passengers.
    (f) In the event of the credit card being declined, a $15 administration fee is payable. This fee will be charged each time we attempt to debit the card (up to once a day) in the event there is no response from the email address or telephone number we have contacted regarding payment.
  • 2. CANCELLATION - the following policy is strictly adhered to:
    (a) Same day bookings are non-refundable.
    (b) 100% of the quoted water taxi fee is payable where cancellation occurs on the day for which the service is booked.
    (c) 50% of the quoted water taxi fee is payable where cancellation occurs the day before for which the service is booked.
    (d) DECEMBER - 100% of the quoted fare where cancellation occurs within 21 days of the day for which the service is booked. **Please be aware that no reduction in the fare will be accept for reduction in passenger numbers within 21 days for which a December service is booked.**
    (e) 100% of the quoted water taxi fee is payable where cancellation occurs in the period three days before Australia Day, Anzac Day, Boxing Day, St Valentine's Day and any other designated public holiday or special event day.
    (f) Bookings for New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Christmas Day are payable at the time of booking and are non-refundable for any reason except if cancelled by H2O Maxi Taxis.
    (g) WEATHER WARNING: If a gale weather warning is issued for SYDNEY HARBOUR by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, H2O Maxi Taxis reserves the right to cancel any water taxi bookings if H2O Maxi Taxis deems it to be unsafe to travel. Where H2O Maxi Taxis cancels any booking due to weather, there will be no cost to the passenger and no redress against H2O Maxi Taxis by the passenger for the cancelled transfer.
    (h) Water taxi cancellations must be emailed to .
    (i) Water taxi cancellation is not effective until acknowledged in writing by H2O Maxi Taxis.
    (j) Changes to your water taxi booking must be made in writing (not including variations requested on board by the passenger). Changes are not effective until acknowledged in writing by H2O Maxi Taxis. If you wish to make changes on the day you must give at least 45 minutes notice of the change if delaying the pick up time. Changes on the day will only be permitted if they fit around any existing bookings and do not delay the end of a shift. If the change is not possible and the booking is cancelled, the full fee is still payable.
    (k) Where passengers fail to show for any reason at the location and time for which the service is booked, H2O Maxi Taxis is not committed to wait more than 5 minutes. However, where possible (e.g. no bookings immediately after), H2O Maxi Taxis may wait for a maximum of 15 minutes, before deeming the booking to have been cancelled. In this event 100% of the quoted fee will apply and be charged to the credit card provided without further notice to the passenger.
    (l) Cancelled bookings are not transferrable to another day.
    (a) H2O Maxi Taxis does not guarantee that your boat will be able to wait if you are late (refer to Clause 2(k) above). Our competitive pricing depends on journeys being taken at the booked time, as we have other bookings and it is not fair to be late for subsequent bookings.
    (b) Where your water taxi does wait, wait fees apply after five minutes at the rate of $4.00 per minute per boat.
    (c) Passengers are strongly advised to be assembled and ready to leave their chosen wharf at the time for which they requested their water taxi.
    (d) In the event that you fail to show at the booked time, you can contact the office on 1300 420 829 and if there is availability in the schedule a boat may be despatched to you at an agreed time and with an additional call out fee that will be advised when you call.
  • 4. FARES
    (a) Fares are charged at the rate quoted for either the number passengers for which the service is booked, or the number of passengers that travel on the day, whichever is the greater. For example, if you booked for ten passengers, and only 9 travel on the day, you will still pay for your booking of 10 passengers. If you book for 10 passengers and 11 travel on the day, you will pay for 11 passengers. Extra passengers are charged at $15pp.
    (b) Fares do not include any landing fees payable to NSW National Parks and Wildlife for Rodd Island, Goat Island, Shark Island, Clark Island or Fort Denison.
    (c) If an extra wharf drop-off is requested and it is on the direct route (e.g. <2 minutes off course) between the agreed pick-up and drop-off points the extra fee will be $30. If the additional drop off requires a diversion then the rate will be at the reasonable discretion of H2O Maxi Taxis.
    (d) Baggage and gear incurs an extra charge. If this has not been specifically covered in the booking the following applies. A small knapsack sized bag is included with every fare. Airline style 'Cabin bag' sized bags are charged at $2 per item. Larger bags/boxes/eskys/gear will be charged at a minimum of $3 per item and possibly more, at the reasonable discretion of H2O Maxi Taxis.
    (e) Cleaning fees will apply in the event that illness, food, drinks or other substances (e.g. chewing gum) cause the cabin to look badly kept when you disembark. The cost will depend on the extent of the problem, but will be a minimum $50.
    (f) The Online Quotation Facility offers prices for transfers during normal operating hours (9am to 10pm) on non public holidays. Transfers outside these times may incur an additional levy, please email or call the office:

    • if you are making a booking outside these times to get a quote.
    • if you have more than 48 passengers crossing "the heads"
    • if you have more than 68 passengers going to any destination
  • 5. VESSELS
    (a) H2O Maxi Taxis reserves the right to determine and allocate on the day of the booking, the vessel from its fleet that H2O Maxi Taxis deems appropriate for the booking concerned and available on the day.
  • 6. SAFETY
    (a) Passengers should not attempt to board or disembark the boat until instructed to do so by the skipper.
    (b) When bow loading, passengers should refrain from holding onto the rails whilst on the wharf. Wash can cause the boat to be pulled off the wharf, which may cause anyone holding on to be pulled away from the wharf.
    (c) Appropriate footwear should be worn when travelling on boats. In particular heels should not be worn for beach landings and we do not recommend wearing of high heels generally on boats.
    (d) If you or your passengers have mobility issues please advise us in advance, to discuss whether it is safe and appropriate to travel by boat. If a passenger has significant mobility issues we may refuse boarding for safety concerns. However the fare is still payable for the journey, even if refused boarding.
    (e) Smoking is not permitted on any area of any H2O Maxi Taxis vessel at any time.
    (f) H2O Maxi Taxis reserves the right to refuse to carry or to remove from a service, a passenger who, in the reasonable opinion of H2O Maxi Taxis, is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and who may pose a potential threat to themselves, others or property. Any and all additional costs incurred as a result of the refusal to carry, or the removal from the service will be borne solely by the passenger/purchaser of services and that sector of travel on the passenger booking will be deemed to have been travelled.
  • 7. WEATHER
    Passengers may wish to refer to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for weather information - however reliance on this information is at the discretion of the passenger and H2O Maxi Taxis takes no responsibility for the accuracy of weather information from this site.
  • Please contact our office should you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions.

Enjoy your water taxi travel.