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Australia Day by water taxi

The harbour comes alive on Australia Day!

Every year Darling Harbour hosts Sydney's biggest Australia Day celebrations with an impressive line-up of free entertainment for all the family.

From early in the day Darling Harbour stages the grandest of celebrations including an all-day feast of international food, performing artists, live bands and face painting and interactive shows for the kids. Creating a majestic finale to the day, a parade of tall ships sails around Cockle Bay, setting the scene for a dazzling extravaganza of fireworks, digital effects, pyrotechnics and music.

Australia Day at Darling Harbour has become one the biggest events on the Sydney event calendar.

But that's not the only place having fun, out on the Harbour there are hundreds of boats moored up having their own parties.

And what about the Annual ferry race? Follow the ferries as they battle for first place in this colourful competition!

Why not take a cruise around to see what everyone is up to? Bring your own refreshments and snacks on board as you criuise about!

Call 1300 420 829 to book a cruise!