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Q. How do your prices compare to other water taxi operators?

H2O Maxi Taxis specalise in transporting groups safely, efficiently and economically to all destinations on Sydney Harbour. We have done all the research for you to guarantee you are getting the best "value for money". We include the first 10 passengers travelling in all of our quoted fares with extra passengers only costing $10 per head.

We don't charge credit card fees.

Some other companies charge an extra 5% just to process your credit card which takes all of 30 seconds. This fee is on top of their already expensive transfer fees, so please check all the costs before booking.

Our pricing structure, our independence and low overheads means that we can offer you "Mates Rates" for Sydney water taxi travel. We are confident you will select H2O Maxi Taxis to look after you.

From the moment you make the call to H2O Maxi Taxis, you are a VIP to us and we will do everything we can to make your transfer perfect! (and at a reasonable price too!!)

Try our sydney water taxi trip calculator. Compare our prices, then book your H2O Water Taxis trip.


Q. What type of boat will we travel in?

All of our vessels are made of sturdy aluminium with real glass windows and twin motors for 100% reliability in any weather conditions or sea state.
The vessels are enclosed and spotless with comfortable coach style seating.
(see photos on water taxi page).

Most importantly, all H2O Maxi Taxis vessels have the ultra safe bow loading so passengers feel safe and at ease at all times when boarding or exiting the vessel. Our vessels are also tri hulls or catamarans for maximum stability.

The last thing you want to worry about for your night out is how to get on or off the water taxi in an evening dress and stillettos without ending up in the Harbour! Whatever company you choose to travel with, ask for a photo of loading and disembarking passengers to put your mind at ease.

Our advice is to not only get 2 quotes for your transfer but definitely check the type of boat that will pick up your party to ensure it suits your needs.


Q. Where can H2O Water Taxis pick me up?

Our water taxis can pick you up from just about anywhere in Sydney Harbour or the Parramatta River. Any wharf, any public or private jetty or pontoon. The owner's permission is required to pick you up from, or deliver you to, a private jetty or pontoon.


Q. How many passengers can travel with H2O Water Taxis?

Our water taxis can accommodate small and large groups. We have water taxis with capacity of up to 49 and 68 passengers. So we can carry a group of 117 at the same time if you book both boats.

We also cater for larger groups above 117 and can do as many water taxi trips as you need to get you and all of your friends to your special Sydney event.

Some companies will say they can transfer 200 - 500 passengers in a fleet of water taxis but why do that when it will be much more cost effective for you to just hire a ferry?


Q. Can H2O Water Taxis cater for large groups?

Yes, we can organise water taxi transport for groups of almost any number depending on how flexible your transfer is. Acros sour two boats we can carry 117 passengers at a time and if you have more, we can either arrange a shuttle service, or we can hire an additional boat for you.

If you have a group of 200 or more and all passengers need to arrive or depart together, we recommend a ferry as the most cost effective way for you.

However, if your transfer can be staggered, then we offer you a special rate for multiple trips if you have large passenger numbers for your event. Consider using our hourly water taxi hire rates for large groups over short distances, eg Rose Bay to Shark Island or Leichhardt to Rodd Island. Because we have to shuttle your large group, we compensate you for that by making our hourly rate very reasonable so a ferry comparision shows you are getting great "value for money".

Please contact us to discuss our rates for larger groups. The more the merrier!


Q. How long will the water taxi trip take?

Most water taxi trips around the inner Sydney Harbour will take about 10 to 15 minutes. If you wish to arrive at your destination at a particular time, tell us and we will suggest the best time to pick you up.


Q. Can H2O Water Taxis deliver me to a cruise boat I have missed?

Unfortunately no. Transferring passengers from one boat to another in Sydney Harbour can be very dangerous because of the wash from other vessels and if passengers have been drinking etc. Most of these transfers are required to be done in the dark as well.

Other companies will do these transfers and should follow the below "Code Of Conduct" from NSW Maritime.

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Q. Do I need to book my H2O Water Taxis trip in advance?

It is advisable to book early if you can to make sure we can be there when you need us, but we are always happy to do last minute water taxi trips if we can.


Q. Are water taxis more expensive than road taxis?

Yes. Especially if you only have 4 or less passengers that will easily fit into a road cab.

However, once you have above 4 passengers and need multiple land taxis, water taxis are a cost and time saving effective solution.

Compare paying our price for a group of up to 32 passengers from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay to what you would pay for 8 road taxis for the same trip. You'll find we are a favourable comparison. We also get you there in around 15 minutes and we get you there in style, and, of course, we throw in the view of Sydney Harbour for FREE!


Q. How do I use the online Booking Request Form?

Follow these four easy steps to send us your booking request...

Select your trip from the drop-down menus.
Select the number of passengers.
Choose Cruise Time if you want some extra time to enjoy the sights and commentary.
Hit the "Get Quote" button to see your quote.
The map shows nearby attractions.

To book for today you must call us on 1300 420 829

Alternatively you can fill in the form and click "Send Booking Request".

An email confirmation showing the details of your Booking Request will be sent to you.

It's that easy!

We will contact you to confirm your booking.


Q. What Credit cards does H2O Taxis accept?

We accept the following credit cards:

American Express


Q. Is there an additional fee for credit card payments?

H2O Maxi Taxis charges no credit card fees when using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Diners. As part of our "mates rates" policy, we absorb all the fees if you choose to pay by these cards.

Other companies charge up to 5% to process all credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. This process takes all of 30 seconds, exactly the same amount of time as when you purchase an item in a store.

These companies are making a profit on the credit card fee as well as the profit on the actual water taxi transfer. Our recommendation to you if you choose to travel with these other companies, is to pay cash and avoid any fee.


Q. Do I need to book my H2O Water Taxi trip in advance?

It is advisable to book early if you can to make sure your water taxi we can be there when you need us, but we are always happy to do last minute water taxi trips if we can.


Q. Does it cost any more for wedding transfers?

Unfortunately, many suppliers love to hear the word "wedding" because they can load up their prices. These suppliers think the bride and groom will pay anything for their special day.

You will be pleased to know that H2O Water Taxis treat all wedding transfers as just a standard transfer fare. The only extra charges will be if you keep the taxi waiting longer than 5 minutes free time. The waiting time is also a standard charge for everyone.

The advantage of our vessels is you can stand on the bow and wave goodbye to your guests as we slowly back away from your venue. You can then come inside the fully enclosed vessels and relax for the first time that day as we take you to your chosen destination.


Q. Can I travel to islands in Sydney Harbor by water taxi?

Yes, we can take you there. We are licensed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to take you to any of the eight Sydney Harbour National Park islands. You will need to contact NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as there is a small fee for landing and national park rules apply.

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Q. Can I hire a water taxi for a Sydney Harbour cruise?

Yes you can.

See our specials for current half hour and hour hire rates.

also, you can add cruise time to your journey if you prefer. This takes you at a more leisurely pace and allows you to take in the sights. When booking ask if the skipper can provide some commentary for you. Our skipeprs know all about the harbour, so they can make your time on the harbour interesting and enjoyable.


Q. Does H2O Taxis offer Sydney Harbour equipment transport or barge hire for weddings and special events?

Yes. Our vessels are registered to transport equipment to the Sydney Harbour Islands and other venues for your wedding or special event. We hire by the hour where most companies hire at a minimum of four hours. Please contact us if you would like more information about our Sydney Harbour equipment/barge hire.